I was worried about the slit of the movie that I tried dancing with China dress and I took a closer look

It is a movie of “Meguru” dancing as I mentioned before.

↓ ↓ Click here for previous Megugu’s video ↓ ↓



This time it seems to be dancing with China dress.

China dress is nice ~ is not it ~

Slits that came deep into both sides do not accumulate at all (゚ ∀ ゚)


【Nigehaji】 I tried dancing in love dancing in China 【Megugu】

0:07 0:09



【Momomi】 Rukaruka ★ I tried dancing the night fever 【Chinadress】

2:57 4:04 4:08

In addition, I will introduce another video of the Chinese dress that I tried dancing.

It looks like oversize here.

As for China dresses, it is better to have just size (^ ^ ♪

However, it is a good movie that makes you smile all the time and has a lot of energy (^ ^)

And finally a mysterious high-kick service

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