Only one person under the minor idol skirt is different …! What?

Hello everyone! It is the manager ‘s aid!


This time for my first time in my favorite minor idol “SPL∞ASH”

I would like to introduce a video! !


Some people may think that “You are dancing!”

There is something good in common when you try to dance when you look carefully,

If you are not interested please also take a look at it as much as possible to expand the width of Okazu. Lol


By the way, what I love is that as I mentioned in previous video introductions,

This group has many cute daughters and the inner is really good! (゚ ∀ ゚)


Let’s see immediately after seeing that one thousand pictures are at hand! !




SPL∞ASH 2017 Hiroshima FF 5 3 Sakura ST ♪ Throbbing hat trick ~ at your speed

I am sorry that the image quality is not 4K, but it’s a wonderful movie ♪


Especially the choreography of the song “It is your speed” is excellent!


There are many swings to turn after putting savings in the direction opposite to the one turn,

Thanks to this “reservoir” skirts can be turned around well! Lol


The attention this time is “Kuraoka Aozora” chan! !

The image is a bit far away. . (; ‘∀ `)



The first step of the movie “Tokimekitto Hattkku” is also very good step!


Mmm! What? It looks like the inside of the skirt looks different from usual.

How is this going on? (゚ д ゚) Gokuri …



It seems that selfishness is somewhat different from usual ,,,

It is very worrisome ~ (゚ Д ゚;)


Let’s see because there was one more video on the same day!





5 3 SPL∞ASH Flower Festival Sakura Stage Actors School Hiroshima

This time it is 4K picture quality! ! (゚ ∀ ゚)


However, my attention “Kuraoka Sora” is often on the right side,

Most of the movies of “splash” are shot from the left side why. (T_T)


I shoot from a slightly far position,

Because it is 4K, it is so beautiful even if you zoom in! ! (゚ ∀ ゚)


Are you wearing stockings? What?

It is a bit of a throbbing picture! (* ‘▽ `*)




I will enter the second song of favorite after the first song!

This time it seems to be left for a moment. lucky! ! (゚ ∀ ゚)







Wow, that’s too wonderful! !


For those who are always up to shooting,

I would like to send the greatest gratitude! (* ‘▽ `*)


And I want to tell a woman’s daughter a word “It was a treat.” Lol


This is over with this time. Thank you very much! (^ ^)




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