【Gcolle】 Kisuke recommended movie introduction

Hello, everyone is a cheerful assistant.

This time Mr. Sakamoto’s work of Gcolle’s future,

“The splendor of girls’ change of clothes, but they are seeing pommeli and bamboos.”

I will introduce you!

This work is a fascinating thing that girls look very young!


Individual video sales site 【Gcolle】 corresponds to English.


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“Japanese title” 女子の着替えの見事さ、でもポロリとパンモロ見えちゃってます。

“English title”  Various girls’ clothes are well-seen.


“Japanese title” 女子の着替えの見事さ、でもポロリとパンモロ見えちゃってます。


The face is not visible in the image, but it is very cute! Lol

All the work of Jikore is an image picture showing the model,

You can take it so well that it looks so young ~ ★

The photographer ‘s technique is shining! (^ ^ ♪






Ero! It is!

Apparently seems to be the best!

The price is set at 1,050 yen slightly bullish, but,

It was also a nod to do! It is! (* ‘▽ `*)

That’s it, Kisuke who entered the wise men’s time! (^ ^)



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