Girls who saw pants when dancing with enchanted black stockings

Hello, everyone It is Kisuke of the manager.

I will deliver this time with black stockings that seems to be a lot of enthusiasts,

It is the girls who tried dancing and they panicked. (^ ^)

What is black strike is not that good?

By wearing a thin black material on bare feet,

Charm will be multiplied by 10! It is!

That’s strange (* ‘▽ `*)



Then, it is the first movie.


My face is not so good, but I am 20 years old with outstanding style.

Although you may know many people,

This child is outstanding service! It is! (^ ^)

Black strikes, raw bread is a service full of this shortness!

Then when you dance …




Of course it will be in this state!

Full view! It is! It is! It is! It is!

It is very shy! (^ ^)

Star Mittsu! It is!

Just pants are star patterns (^ ^ ♪

So it is the 2nd movie.


The next nomination is “ますい”.

It is an appearance of wearing a soft floral skirt!

Koshi helps stocking with such patterns. (^ ^)




Unfortunately we are wearing black bread,

I was able to see the whole story of the black strike, so it is content that is satisfactory enough ☆

This child is also roundish, it looks so soft and cute (* ‘▽ `*)

Surely breasts are expensive.

I will go to the third one ♪


Since I was a high school student, I posted a video and a video,

It is a good daughter (right side) of service who showed off the panchira. (^ ^)

This target is of course the right child wearing stockings!




After all it did it!

No ~ black streaks are always the best to see! (* ‘▽ `*)

In the video comment field,

Something like ‘I am somewhat fattening’

It was quite a point high I wrote (^ ^ ♪

With knowing the points that are properly seen,

That’s it! (^ ^) (^ ^)

The heart will be tickled to the highest! It is!

Next, I would like to try to enter the first 4 of this site!

Kiyoshi ‘s first attempt to enter the unexperienced zone! It is! Well that movie … (exaggeration)

The fourth one.


The entrance to the 4th is “猫舌”.

It seems a little Keba, but it is certain that it is small and cute (^ ^ ♪

Somehow, in stocking stocked,

It has a different taste than before.

Inner check of Kisuke will be included this time too!





It seems to be wearing something like a black bread!

Although it can be used at all, a bit disappointing ,,,

After all, compared to raw bread,

The frequency of use drops! It is!

By the way, boots seems to smell so much in stockings! (゚ Д ゚;)

While keeping the dislikes to the side

I want to forcefully smell the smell! It is! (^ ^)

It was such a strong feeling of Kisuke. Lol


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[Black tights] I tried to dance and upskirt over the black tights! It is!

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This is the end this time!

Have a nice holiday. Hello everyone! (^ ^)



If you have any questions or requests please feel free to comment below ☆

Please do not hesitate to comment for other irresponsible things (^ ^)

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