【DIGITENTS】 Kisuke recommended movie introduction 【MOFUMOFU】

Hello everyone, this is Kikusuke of the manager.


This time for personal video selling site “DIGITENTS

It is a work of “MOFUMOFU” selling wide high-quality works. (^ ^)


The model of this person’s work,

Many things seem to have lower age groups, so it is recommended for those who like it ♪



HD high-quality bear pants are young and young


Very cute girls high school students are coming!

Kisuke is such a favorite child too (^ ^)

Well what kind of pants are wearing,

It is an interesting place! It is!


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HD高画質くまのロリおぱんちゅがヤバClick here for details


Why, what a crazy bear cotton pants! It is!

Dangerous! it’s the best! It is!

In this appearance Kuma’s pants are awesome gap (* ‘▽ `*)

There seems to be some very good smell. Lol

This work was sold for “6 dollars”.

If it is the current rate (1 dollar = 110 yen), it is about 660 yen ♪


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HD高画質くまのロリおぱんちゅがヤバClick here for details










…………… Then, are you going to the next work ♪

What was she doing? That is a secret! Lol


Girls who are very cute pigtails are double white pants ♪ best in junior high school students


It is an image image of a girl in a pair of two braid together!


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“Japanese title” 激カワ ツインちゃんがW白おぱんちゅ♪チームCで最高Click here for details


These kids are pretty cute, they are lolitto (^ ^ ♪

To whatever white pants, you seem to be in line!

It is thorough! Lol

Because pants are continuously visible for a long time with HD picture quality,

There is nothing to worry about without going out. Lol

Young girls’ pants are nice!

Why is it so good? It’s kind of strange (^ ^ ♪

This work was sold at “7 dollars (about 770 yen)”!

If you like this period style please do it! (^ ^)


激カワ ツインちゃんがW白おぱんちゅ♪チームCで最高Click here for details


This is the end. see you! (^ ^)



If you have any questions or requests please feel free to comment below ☆

Please do not hesitate to comment for other irresponsible things (^ ^)

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