【Pcolle】 Introduction of Recommended Videos 【Mr. Trainee】

Hello, it is Kisuke of management people.


I will introduce you this time,

It is a work of “Mr. trainee” who frequently employs rice crocodiles at Peacore!

This person narrowed down to the shop clerk style,

A voyeuristic image image has been created,

The high degree of completeness has striking things!

Kisuke himself also included Mr. trainee’s video,

I am taking care of many times. (^ ^)

Among such high-quality works,

Especially recommended works will be introduced! (^ ^ ♪



28 clothed clothes dresses clerks white pants


In this work, a very neat and delicate apparel shop clerk,

I am shooting in various situations and angles! (^ ^ ♪

How are you taking a picture? Is it?

It will be wonderful! It is!


“Japanese title” 28 縞ワンピ着替え店員さん 白パンツClick here for details


It’s a very cute shop ♪ ♪

Although clothes have changed on the way, in fact Kore,

I will change the trainee ‘s clothes under the name of trying on! (゚ Д ゚;)

The first thing that was coming was the culottes type skirt,

Although it is hard to shoot, what boldness it is! Lol

In addition, raising the clerk’s culottes,

I am trying to make it! Lol

What a great obsession! It is! (゚ Д ゚;)


28 縞ワンピ着替え店員さん 白パンツClick here for details


Thanks to trainee ‘s changing clothes, there were no obstructions,

Too cute pure white pants! It is! (* ‘▽ `*)

If you think that it is neat, it is said that pants are neat. . .

How wonderful! It is! (^ ^ ♪

And this one piece is a little transparent! It is!

With sudden trying on, the inside of the dress is totally unprotected! It is! It is!

Far easier to see the bra,

Whatever it passes through, from under the skirt,

It is reflected to the face! It is! (# ^^ #)

It is in such a state that something is already only with pants and bra! Lol

No, thanks to having a dress,

You can say it is more erotic! It is! Lol


Trainee super GJ! It is!


I already have too many things and I do not know what it is! Lol

Ashamed, Kiyosu has pulled out with this video. (> _ <)

This video was sold for “1,100 yen”.

Cospa is said to be the best! Lol


28 縞ワンピ着替え店員さん 白パンツClick here for details



Well then let’s meet again! Goodbye! (^ ^)



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Please do not hesitate to comment for other irresponsible things (^ ^)

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