Just before summer vacation! Girls playing in the water feature!

Hello everyone! It is Kikusuke of the manager. (^ ^)


This summer, both summer vacation for adults and children waiting in a while,

By saying that it is approaching immediately in front of you,

Cool enough to blow off the hot summer

I would like to introduce videos that are playing in the water!


Well then! It is!



River dive girls! It is! It is!

The first video is a movie of several kids playing in the river!


It is very cool ~ (^^)


Because everyone is not wearing bathing suits, clothes are perfectly adhered,

It sounds bad, but no one cares about such a thing. Lol




Submersible bridge Diving starry sky

This video seems to be given by people in the inn.


The girls are just short videos to jump in,

The number of plays is growing quickly, do not you think? Lol

It’s the best page of summer vacation!


The daughter of Sukui looks a bit like a dancer, Rino. (^ ^)



Child is bubbling at water cottage pool No. 1!

As the title says the girl dives to the bottom of the pool,

It is a movie that makes bubble ring.


Apparently it seems to be filming in a foreign country!



Child bubbling at water cottage pool Part 3!

At first it has failed quite well, but gradually get used to it,

The last person has done pretty beautiful bubble ring.




M echo change 2

This video has nothing to do with water play,

I am enjoying by sucking helium gas and changing my voice. (^ ^)


This is over with this time. Thank you very much. (^ ^)


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