A girls high school student tried dancing in a friend’s birthday memorial pantyhose panty over tonight’s fappable candidate

Hello! It is a manager ‘s aid!


However, it is raining recently only recently.

Even though it is not the rainy season What is this! What is the Autumn Rain Front Line! What?

I can hardly wait for the sunny day! Please do it quickly (; ‘∀ `)


Temperatures have also come down, and it seems to be a bad time for movies that I danced.

But at the same time it will be a time to enjoy black tights movies.

I love black tights and I can not help it! (^ ^ ♪


I hope that good movies will come out. Lol


Let’s introduce the video! !


【✿ to the tea ceremony ✿ GIFT tried dancing】

This time is a video introduction of “Nekokawa”.


It is a daughter who continues to post videos that I danced for quite a while.

In the early days, full of energy dance was on sale,

Recently it has become a calm atmosphere.


A period when I thought that it looked slightly subtle (just this movie level …)

There was also, but recently it seems to have picked up a little, and it is more than anything. Lol


I’m seeing something glaring at the first turn Yo (゚ ∀ ゚)

Is it a strike + black bell feeling?



It looks a lot like up skirt of this movie (^ ^)




Personally I thought that it would not look nice like a daughter like a fluffy woman,

This looks like it seems to be a bit transparent, so is not it! Lol


I seem to be celebrating my friend ‘s birthday, I am editing it.

I guess it was quite a difficult job … (; ‘∀ `)


It was a stewardsman and a favorite administrator!

Thank you very much! (^ ^)

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