The girls whose boobs shook as they danced!

Good evening! It is Kisuke of the manager.

To all of our videos freaks we would like to introduce this time,

“When you dance” corner “Nobra”, “soft type bra”

Or because “boobs are too soft”

The breasts are shaking with Plutonpuru is an introduction of works that can be confirmed on the animation.

So, I would like to introduce them in order!


First of all, it is the first movie.


First of all,

This girl! (- _ – M)

Oops The mouth seems to have passed! (゚ Д ゚;)

It took compliance! Lol

Still, I hide my face with a big mask,

Still cute possibility is left, but it is left.

Even though I should withdraw this with my daughter from now on,

It is a violation of manner as an adult if you are only complaining. Lol



It is a bit confusing for still images,

Maybe this is a no bra. . .

It pleasantly shakes and pleases us.

Furthermore, in the second half,

It will metamorphose!



After all, not cute ,,,

No, there is nothing! (# ^^ #)

You should have been as it was. . .

I thought it was Kisuke.


Then, I will rework and go to the next movie ♪


This is a trio,

The attention is a one piece daughter of the light purple check in the middle! It is!

I’m pretty shaking! (* ‘▽ `*)

Breasts are not too big, Koshi is my favorite type ♪

What about the bra?

I can not imagine that it is not attached at this age,

I’m swinging nice ☆

Moreover, I do not know whether this is a hill along the river bed,

A cold is pretty blowing and the one piece sticks to the body,

In addition, the shaking of boobs is in a state that is easy to see! (^ ^)

Lalarat ♪

The scene to say skipping saying is the best! (* ‘▽ `*)


★ ★ You guys are always enjoying ☆ ★


I will go to the 3rd video! It is!


“あしゃ” and “いろむ” are two people!

It seems a little more mature than ever.

White daughter’s tits,

I’m swinging with pulp! (^ ^)

Moreover, this girl is quite cute!

I feel like I feel quite comfortable touch ☆ ☆

Oh, I do not collect!

And somewhat this girl, I feel I have seen it.

Is it natural because it tried dancing …

Only a panchira and a little booby ingredients,

Is not it enough? I hurriedly created it! It is!

Did you find your favorite movie?

So this time I will rude around here. (^ ^)




If you have any questions or requests please feel free to comment below ☆

Please do not hesitate to comment for other irresponsible things (^ ^)

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