A daughter of a woman who makes a dancing with memorial videos as a memory

Up skirt Hello everyone I love! It is Kisuke of the manager. (^ ^)


There are heavy rains in various places, humidity is high, skin is also sticky and there are many unpleasant days,

Let’s do our best with a panchira that I felt refreshed and refreshed as soon as possible!


Well then! It is!



As memories of graduation · · ·. (I tried it!)


As memories of graduation · · ·. (I tried it!)


Do not you think it is a medium-sized tasteful and fun title? Is it? Lol


However, the daughter of a woman who is dancing is pretty cute. (^ ^ ♪



As exposure becomes a cute daughter the degree of exposure will become higher,

It is a wonderful production! (* ‘▽ `*)


These girls seem to know a lot! Lol


Furthermore, the first cute girl will do at the beginning of the movie! It is!





Whether it is zebra or polka dots, it is subtle,

Black and white pants have gotten wet from bread showing red and white! (゚ ∀ ゚)







Personally, the scene where the shoulder strap is falling like this

I do love quite a lot! (* ‘▽ `*)


There are many good videos in memorial videos such as birthday or graduation.


With the feeling that I can only do it now,

Do you tend to have more exposure? (^ ^ ♪


Thank you very much! (^ ^)


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