You can reconfirm the charm of the dark blue with matching sailor uniforms Dancing video 【YouTube】

Hello, everyone who love the up skirt!


What are you going to do today for Okazu ~, while I am suffering

There is a thing that does not feel like pulling out completely It is administrator’s rejoicing!


This is something that has existed since a long time, but rental video etc.

Even when I went to borrow it did not matter how I am troubled,

It was also good to go home without borrowing! (; ‘∀ `)


I do not know what kind of mental condition it is,

It looks like it’s not a good thing! Lol


Then, I would like to go to the video introduction people!




【Pleasure Girl】 Miyagi prefecture Iwanuma-shi Tamapura West district open to thank festival

It is a movie of “Mana” that I’ve introduced before!

It seems to be a video on July 19th just two years ago! (^ ^)


I did not know until recently,

This daughter seems to be idle!


I was surprised when I knew it! (゚ Д ゚;)


It seems to be a dancer unit not belonging to the office,

It is a bit mysterious! (; ‘∀ `)


They are both pretty cute! (^ ^)


Something seems like a properly public event in Miyagi prefecture!

And, Mana-chan’s leg long! It is!














Four songs are also dancing in hot weather!

It is terrible physical strength! (; ‘∀ `)


This is over with this time! let’s meet again! (^ ^)


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