【Panty Line Proposal】 Perfect leather-like show pan is a wonderful junior high school student dance unit!

Hello everyone!


A little tired Cocorico Tanaka,

It is Kisuke of a manager who can not be helped looking to Mikoto Higashi!


This time the girls dancer unit of two people

I would like to introduce “BANVI”! !


I tried searching on the Internet for a while,

Although the spelling is also different, “AyaBambi” hits it

Information on these children did not come out at all! Lol


Let’s go ahead! !



BANVI(バンビ) Dance Performance 2016-09-24

It is a pair of people who dances coolly and dances! (^ ^ ♪


Complete Heso out from leather-like shorts

The style is very cute ♪


It’s a length that you are curious about attaching red gloves (; ‘∀ `)

But the right girl is cute, right? (* ‘▽ `*)


And when the song starts from the sitting position ,,,








Gosh. . .

Aw. . . (゚ ∀ ゚)


Leather style articles are perfect and stick to the buttocks

Bread line is not clever! ! !


It seems to be clear to the line of the crotch part,

This is pretty usable! Erotic! ! (゚ ∀ ゚)


The image below is from another daughter!


And again it is my first daughter.

After all the daughter of this place has a high degree of clarity. (^ ^ ♪



More than two people who danced well! !


Thank you very much. (^ ^)




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