Unfolding uniforms for the coming season Black tights Dancing movies here

Hi, Hello, it’s a custodian’s help!


This time it is a video introduction of the black tights uniform JK danced.

Let’s go ahead! !


【Pelochin] Melancholic danced 【C. S. Port rearrangement】

It is a pretty movie of “Petrocco” that is a bit chubby.


I will dance with the most powerful equipment called uniform + black tights


So from the scene of the first turn immediately ,,,


It is good! !

I’m guarding the bare hands with a good thing (; ‘∀ `)


From this gesture “I do not want to show” or “I am shy”

Emotions are coming down (^ ^ ♪


With this premise, eyes to see also change. Lol

This is important. And the second big turn! !


At this turn you can turn it off but the color of the tights is deep …

Try this with the player’s brightness and contrast (^ ^)


And it turned more vigorously! !


It is very good (line ‘* ▽ `*) which is visible to pink inner with clear line up


I am looking forward to such a black tights movie in the coming season (^ ^ ♪

This time it is over this time, Goodbye this time. (^ ^)

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