Girls who do not have or do not need to dance have tried dancing! Part 2

Hello everyone! It is a manager ‘s “Kisuke”!


This time “Girls who do not need to attach or girls danced! Part 2 ”

I would like to continue delivering it to the last time! !


Of course, it is masks that are not attached. (^ ^)


Last time I made a mask with this mistake and watched a dancing video

We apologize deeply as we introduced it

I want to make a march to prevent such mistakes again. (^ ^)


Let’s go to the main subject! !



Jessica & Krystal Girls’ age to dance, f (x)

Indeed these two people, I think that it was “Yuri · Kuon” in my memory,

It seems that the title has changed a bit. .


What is f (x), is not it?

Do you also trade in currency exchange? What?


Both types are different but pretty ♪

It seems that the right girl is pounding, but please enjoy dancing without worrying about it. (^ ^)

A busy scene with a dark-colored daughter pulling clothes forward or pulling it down.

Is not there a size? What? Lol


Happy synthesizer danced 【Goat & Anpo】

The second one is entries “Goat & Anko” 2 people!

Here, this glasses …!

Certainly in the glasses that had terrible debris on previous videos! What?



It is the above article. It seems like the same thing …

It is no longer a trauma after memory of fear revives. (゚ Д ゚;)


Apart from that, the right girl does not seem to be completely attached.







· · · · Mask. Lol

I feel excited to be persistent and I will excuse myself here. Lol

Thank you very much! (^ ^)



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