It is a video of a female junior high school student tried to dance the paradise in three people!

Trick or Treat! eh? It is still early? What?

Hi, Hello, it’s a custodian’s help!


Premium Friday (laugh) is over,

The place to leave in October was only Halloween event!


And it is raining again as the typhoon approaches … haha


I’m really laughing with rain, (… _ <)

But as soon as this typhoon passes, it is finally followed by autumn weather,

I am patient enough for a while (; ‘∀ `)


I will go to the video introduction this time! !


【Sana Momo Nayu】 I tried to dance paradise pureland

It is a video of everyone of “pops JC”.

It is a good feeling that the costumes of the material that made it shiny (^ ^ ♪


From the scene which turns up skirt, please.

I’m wearing black bread, but it is better to see the upper white shirt ♪


A good wind blows right after that and the skirt of the left daughter is also turning up!

The polka dots are in a full state (^ ^ ♪





It will be over this time, thank you very much. (^ ^)

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