【Pramo】 The topic is that you can masturbate your local idol’s legs!

Footjob is longing but in real it is hard to ask for …

I think there is! (^ ^)

Hello everyone! It is the manager ‘s aid!

This time there is a local idol of Akita who was introduced earlier,

It is an introduction of Plamo’s videos! (^ ^)

It is not an idol ‘s model! Lol

Well then I would like to say! It is!


pramo Live(4k) -万SAI堂大曲店- 2014 8 17


It is a strange costume that clothes and clothes coalesced together,

Because it is a super mini skirt, the beautiful leg of the center child is revealed! It is!

It is quite erotic to say clearly! It is! (* ‘▽ `*)



It’s gloomy! It is!

This is too erotic! (゚ Д ゚;)

If there is a Japanese legs ranking,

I think it is a level that you can definitely aim for the podium! It is!




Although it seems to be disappointing inner,

Erotic is not hidden completely! It is!

I want to lick licking! It is!

It turns out that my spit smells after all. Lol

Kisuke was able to fully enjoy the shaking inner thighs! (* ‘▽ `*)

The next video is the continuation of the first one!


pramo Live(4k)②  -万SAI堂大曲店- 2014 8 17


Immediately after the start you show off your legs with a sudden turn! It is!



Wow wonderful! It is!

Sandwiched between thighs! (> _ <)




Even with this girl, the inner is perfect! (^ ^)

This is also good with pink color! It is!




If you were distracted only by legs, lose,

There was a daughter serving with black inner and hami out butt! (* ‘▽ `*)


This is also quite good for you! Lol

But Akita Miyu is really true ☆

It is slightly different from the image. Lol

Wherever you enjoyed the legs, let’s go to the next video!


pramo ハロウィンライブ 2015 10 18


Actually this movie is a pretty favorite of Kisuke! It is!

What I would like to pay attention to in this video is the leftmost daughter! (^ ^)

Halloween costumes are becoming the best! (* ‘▽ `*)

Was this daughter included in the above video?

I do not understand a bit.

Although it seems to be fine and looks too narrow,

It is all cute MAX! (# ^^ #)

Because I will go to the far back in the first song,

you’re kidding! It is!

I thought that it came back soon! (# ^^ #)

It was good ~ (* ‘▽ `*)




The setting sun is shining on a soft inner black inner and it is already the best! It is! (* ‘▽ `*)

Clearly with 4K image quality! Clear! I worship black up skirt! It is!

Mumu ,,,

There is one point in the net tights, too,

It sounds good! It is! (^ ^ ♪

Through the back debut! It is! (If you like, swimmersen)

No, it is a superb view! It is!




Wow, the sunset is good! (* ‘▽ `*)

Oh, it seems that you are digging into that choot ,,,

Throb. . . .




キ, キ タ ━━━━ (゚ ∀ ゚) ━━━━ !!

Clearly cleverly clever! It is! (゚ Д ゚;)

Well, it’s too high! It is! It is!

Oh, I wonder if you used to have a little Kimi! It is!

(If you like me it is really sorry, lol)

But thanks to that, it can be said that it was a sunset cookery position!

You must not say bad things about people after all. Lol

We also entered our house list. Lol

Koshi who did not have time to rest the right hand has delivered. (^ ^)



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