Junior high school students who seemed soft and panthers and bra strings danced and erotic

Hello everyone! It is a manager ‘s “Kisuke”!


This time I would like to introduce a little old video!

Well then! !



【After all Balance】 Strongest Palais Parade I tried dancing 【I can not take it】

It is a movie introduction of “Hunyako”.


I think that it will become various maze naming if it is a funny man,

It is cute from the name already ♪


This daughter looks like a Tobi who comes out to Naruto without looking out

I am wearing it, but overall it is really good!


Knee High Socks is too suited! (* ‘▽ `*)

I want to give the best knee high prize (^ ^ ♪




In this scene you can check the soft swaying from soft side to side. (* ‘▽ `*)

I am dancing hard while showing bra string from the shoulder ♪

In the middle of the song I became like old grandma,

While forgetting the choreography, I work hard and dance to the end (^ ^)




【Funny Tail】 PrincessBride! Perfect ver Try dancing 【I tried my best】

The next video is a dance with a face like what you saw in AA!

It is lovely that [I tried my best] in the title and entered! (^ ^ ♪


Picture quality is that, but that is panchira get! (* ‘▽ `*)

Because the skirt is quite short, it will be pretty flashing quite often ♪







It is cute again that you can not stand being with one foot standing up ♪

Thank you Funya-chan, a wonderful pure white panchira! !


That’s it. Thank you very much! (^ ^)



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