I tried dancing a recruit suit but it was too erotic!

Up skirt Hello love you!

Nintendo switch seems to be interesting somewhat,

It is Kisuke of the administrator who began to worry recently. (^ ^)

This time it is an introduction of the dancing video of recruit suit.

Recruit suit is really erotic.

Riku ‘s girls are almost wearing stockings,

With tight skirt with erotic eyeballs very conspicuous

You have all the erotic elements. (^ ^ ♪

But is there a chance to wear besides hiring?

Do not leave anything like that,

I would like to go introducing animation!



【Kurepan】 Hello, Worker 【Danced】


Two people of Kurepan!

The child of the skirt on the right side of the screen has its lower body made muffled,

Rikusu is very well suited. (^ ^)



I also wear glasses and the degree of fetish is up further.

However, because it is a tight skirt, it seems to be very dancing. . .




I will pancha at the crouching moment,

Unfortunately it was black bread. (゚ ∀ ゚)

However, black bread that can be seen from the back of Rikuzu,

It is very erotic inside! (* ‘▽ `*)






Take off your coat and remove your eyeglasses and unravel your hair as well

It is kinda nice. (* ‘▽ `*)

Thank you very much. (^ ^)


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