School girls tried to dance Good morning on Friday with Nobra YouTube video pulled out too much

Hello! It is a manager ‘s Kisuke!


It seems that anyone knows this movie if you like to dance,

I have not taken up yet so I will introduce this time.


Let’s go! !


【Over 300 people】 Friday’s good morning tried dancing 【Ritsu · Pitto】

Two people of “Rie Pitto” will love “Friday’s good morning” ♪ I will dance ♪


School style Corde is too cute (* ‘▽ `*)


At first we dance with two people,

It seems to be Rizu’s solo part from around 30 seconds of video (^ ^)


Under the skirt seems to be wearing short spats …


When staring at the insoluble boobs, …

I got it! ! !

Is not this a no bra! What? ! What?

Or spobra without a cup? What?

Either way it is too erotic (゚ ∀ ゚) (゚ ∀ ゚)


When I found this video I hurriedly looked for other videos of these girls,

Apparently it seems that this movie is the only thing I can do!




But why are they serving like this …

That’s the number of regeneration, hoaxes, self-revealing appetite (; ‘∀ `)


Personally the daughter of this cardigan of School Corde,

I feel that there are a lot of videos that I’m popping (^ ^ ♪


Do you feel uncomfortable with some overlapping

I do not know whether cardigan materials are good but really many (; ‘∀ `)


It was an introduction of S-class breaking Pochi video above! goodbye! (^ ^)

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