[Low Angle Movie] Minor idols’ 4K video is the best

Hello! It is a manager ‘s Kisuke!


4K animation is really good, is not it!


It looks insanely vivid!

And of course you can see even if you zoom! !


Does everyone use zoom of 4K movies? What?

Even if you pretty much zoom in, you can see it clearly, so I’d really like to recommend it (^ ^ ♪


Just because it is heavy without punctuality Depending on the specifications of the PC It is silly,

There is something that can not be seen properly … (; ‘∀ `)


If I play 4K on Youtube on my shopping PC,

I can not even see it properly (゚ Д ゚;)


And, it is the idol movie that has 4 kilobytes and has the most benefit!


Since idols have many people, they tend to become moving pictures by all means,

With 4K you can zoom in and enjoy it carefully (^ ^ ♪


So, this time it is a video introduction of your local idol!

Well then! !


Cherryboat Bom Japan’s Cherry Blossom Festival

This time is a video introduction of “Cherryboom Bom”.


It is the first idol to introduce.

It’s a very easy naming …. Lol

Moreover, the cherry festival comes out to the event ….


But I do not care such a thing!

Kitty’s tights in the middle? pantyhose? It is really cute (^ ^ ♪











Wow ya yeah 4K was the best! !


It seems clear to places we can not see normally (^ ^ ♪

Although there are too many sightseeing places on the way, I still have quite a lot! !


Please zoom in and enjoy while (^ ^ ♪


This is over with this time! Thank you very much! (^ ^)

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