Results of junior high school students longing for Hatsune Miku dancing at Mikkos

Hello! It is a manager ‘s aid!


At last it is only two months to leave this year in November.

Really early … (; ‘∀ `)


Spring will come soon and girls’ daughters will become thinner again.

I wonder if you are thinking about such a thing! What? Lol


Anyway it’s a video introduction this time! !

【Hatsune Miku】 Clover ♣ I tried dancing a club 【plan want to continue】

If it is a freak who tried dancing, it is a video introduction of known well-known “Ryōma”.


Although there is a title as “【plan to become Hatsune Miku】”

Have you been able to become Hatsune Miku for about 4 years since this video post?


In the explanation column

“Because I had a lot of reprinted videos, I think I will soon be about to appear.

I’m not good at feeling it is pretty cool lol … haha


But the animation is wonderful so let’s see it!







A panic of success from high quality cosplay! !

It is very good as it’s only crowded (゚ ∀ ゚)


Just because I’m coming to show it completely Nobody I can not use … lol


By the way, the animation of “Ryōma” is introduced also in past articles (^ ^)



This time [to occasionally dance with private clothes]

I’m not good at all after all.


This time is over. Thank you very much! (^ ^)

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