【RYUKYU IDOL】 Energetic! Okinawa idol with a smiling face

Hello everyone!

I do not over-draw the day I plan to etch,

It is Kikusuke of the administrator who has difficulty adjusting in advance. (^ ^)

Well, this time I am a cute idol in Okinawa,

I would like to introduce the video of “RYUKYU IDOL”.

As expected, there are many pretty daughters with Okinawa idol only,

You have the charm of captivating what you see.

The girls in Okinawa are pretty girls and girls who are not! (; ‘∀ `)

Let’s go ahead!



RYUKYU IDOL 130714 01


It is a common uniform costume costume, it suits you very much ♪




Of course I am wearing spat-like ones,

It’s pretty good as it’s perfect. (* ‘▽ `*)







Well, one point is good accent.

It is wonderful that the shirt is visible!




It is together with not being wearing a skirt any more this way. Lol


I do not say anything, but this daughter pretty well pulled! It is!


I will go on next!



If you like Magic Mirror please ♪







RYUKYU IDOL@Okinawa Children’s Country


It seems to be singing on a proper stage here. (^ ^)

Because there is a height difference than before, good ones can be seen ♪



Despite my inner gown, my daughter always keeps my skirt.

However, this time it was impossible because both hands were occupied. Lol



Although it seems to be hidden though the spats, happiness is doubled! Lol




This girl smile is terrible and cute ♪ ♪

I have one point in Bloomers this time too. (* ‘▽ `*)




You make a good turn!









It is a nice feeling that the sunset hits directly! (* ‘▽ `*)

This video introduction will be over with this.

Thank you very much! (^ ^)


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