Videos shooting low-angle events of already disbanded Ninja minor idols

It is a movie of minor idol called Sakuraba.

Just a little research seems that this group has already disbanded.

It is a ninja idol group idle like I had never been before,

It stopped working in a short period of 3 years.

Dedicated theaters that it cost 500 million yen due to economic problems in management demolished before half a year.

It is a waste of anything else …

I guess I was very motivated to make a special theater,

Was it not popular, or was it another problem (meaningful)

It is a precious picture that can not be seen now by raw.


SAKURAGUMI Sakura group second grader live2010/11/27@Akihabara

0:31 1:42 2:47

It seems to be a Ninja troop flying in the sky to protect the earth.

It seems that Kunoichi boom did not happen. .

It is a waste to have a cute child so much (> _ <)

Even if the cherry blossoms are gone, I would like to protect the world peace from low angle · · ·

パンチラ ハミパン 生パンツ ローアングル ご当地アイドル ローカルアイドル

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