I tried dancing a girls high school girl sailor school girl too much wonderfully!

Hello everyone! It is the manager ‘s aid!


I was energetic until now when I saw many hair on the back of a woman

Experience my son was disappointed, is not there everyone?


Until now myself has been disappointed many times over and over again.


Well it is bad though I had an image that was beautified well on my own. . Lol


Even saying that it is not necessary to see such disgusting parts,

It is one merit of “I danced”, is not it? (^ ^ ♪


You can concentrate on delusions and right hand with moderate image quality. Lol

I am telling myself, but what on earth is he saying? (; ‘∀ `)


Well, let’s take a momentary and let’s introduce the animation!




【Girls High School Students】 I like it! snow! Serious magic 【chick】

This video introduction is JK’s “Hina” chan.


It seems that the image quality is a bit bad, but this girl may be able to use this one. Lol

It dances well in the heavy snow! (^ ^ ♪



There is also the shape of the turn and the shape of the skirt,

Each time a large skirt turns around Peeled! (* ‘▽ `*)


It is quite pure white when I finish dancing. Lol





【Girls’ High School Students】 Good morning on Friday 【Try dancing】

This is pretty good picture quality improvement! (^ ^ ♪

The angle is also perfect! ! This can be expected! (* ‘▽ `*)







A smiley cute little angle is also good, so it always makes you glitter.

Personally I think that it is a pretty good movie. (^ ^ ♪




【Girls’ High School Students】 Sadistic Love 【Hichan】

“Uniform + eyeglasses + knee high socks” and

I also recommend this video with quite maniac specification! (^ ^ ♪


This time is over! Thank you very much. (^ ^)



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