Up skirt dancing in a sailor suit in Taiwan


Up skirt Hello everyone! It is the manager ‘s aid!


I think that you can understand it when you see it,

The site was renewed this time. (^ ^ ♪


I was prepared to take some time,

There was more trouble than I thought it took more time and effort than expected,

To be honest it was quite tedious. . . (; ‘∀ `)


However, because it was not possible to confirm everything,

If there is something like “This display is strange”

It will be helpful if you let me know. (^ ^)


Well then, my mind is overturned (there is no change in content … haha)

I would like to go introducing animation! (* ‘▽ `*)




【Kai Na】 I tried to dance good morning on Friday 【Taiwan】

It is a school uniform wearing a suspicious face!

It looks like a daughter in Taiwan!

Everyone’s using this character on Friday’s morning videos.

What is the good morning on Friday in the first place? What? Lol


The thing which is white from the salty is flickering! !

This can be expected ~ (* ‘▽ `*)


When is the turn. . . Well I regret.








At the time of step I will skirt up but when turning

It’s frustrating that the skirt looks like a jellyfish, does not it ?,,


By the way I do not feel like this girl’s style is very similar to “Mononai”. What?



It was perfect for the inner like the image above

I also like to see the shirt fly!


Is it severe? . . Lol


Ultimately to the end I could not see it when turning. . .

I do not like skirts that spread like jellyfishes. (; ‘∀ `)


This time it will be more than this. Thank you very much. (^ ^)


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