Topics are topics that up skirt from uniforms dancing is best

Hello everyone! It is a manager ‘s “Kisuke”! (^ ^)


This time the daughters who saw the bloomers when they danced

I would like to introduce a video! !


This is a genre I like quite a lot! Lol


From a sense of security wearing bloomers under the skirt

Many daughters move dynamically,

It is also good to have a lot of things to see than a panchira. (^ ^ ♪


Well then! !



【Megugu】 Friday’s good morning tried dancing 【Uniform arrangement】

The first movie is “Mugugu”!

It seems like “Manana”!


This daughter is probably not the age to wear a uniform long ago,

There is also a thing called a baby face and uniforms are going well with you!


Ska is also short, and the camera is full of playback earnings at low angle! Lol


Was it taken into consideration that the skirt was hard to turn?

He took off the cardigan from the way! (* ‘▽ `*)


Rather than bullmas, it is spats … (; ‘∀ `)




I became Sukajan with my second costume change.

Apparently it was not even spats. . . Sorry! ! (> _ <)




[Kazuha] Good morning on Friday 【Try dancing】

Next is “Kazuha” chan!

This seems to be a little long for skirts, is not it?







Contrary to the appearance that seems to be adult, dance is dynamic

It is a very good impression! (* ‘▽ `*)


This time it was completely bullmark! !

Yup! After all, Buruma (· ∀ ·) イ イ !!




【Minamo】 I tried dancing over the time dance

The end is “Minna” too!


At first I was thinking that stocking,

It looks like it was a knee high socks …


Go for the first turn! !

It showed me! ! (* ‘▽ `*)


If I thought that this daughter was an ordinary Bobcat,

What is left and right asymmetry! (; ‘∀ `)


Asymmetry is amazing in this age … (゚ Д ゚;)

The belt of the red enamel which occasionally looks glittering also works as a fade color. Lol



It is a movie with so many comments on the number of playback. . .


This time also the dancers showed me the best! (゚ ∀ ゚)

It was a treat! ! (^ ^ ♪


Let’s meet all of you! Goodbye (^ ^)


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