Observe the chilla that the school girl high school student danced!

Up skirt Hello everyone!

It is no wonder that the Nikkei average has exceeded 20,000 yen on the Japanese stock market with trading volume of about 2 trillion yen a day

I do not have administrator Kiyosuke. (^ ^)

Well, this time I can say it is the royal road of up skirt I tried dancing,

I would like to pay attention to “Uniform School Girl’s Up skirt”!

Please enjoy the fresh up skirt video of young uniforms school girls high school students!

Well then! It is!



【Larry oil】 Junjo ☆ Fighter I tried to dance 【1st anniversary】

The first movie is two of you here.

Especially summer of school girls! It is! I hope you feel like that. (^ ^ ♪

Two people in the middle of such youth are called Junjo Fighter,

♪ I will try to dance with songs that are perfect for the image ♪

When thinking of Junjo fighter, the first thing that comes to mind is,

Is not that scene again? Lol

That’s right! It is a high kick (* ‘▽ `*)




Both of them seem to be wearing bloomers,

Chira from uniform skirt is really good thing! (* ‘▽ `*)

The smiling face which the left daughter’s smiling face is very good impression! It is!

In addition to this scene, I will chill a lot ☆




【KYUT @ LOID】 Junjo ☆ Fighter I tried to dance [Osaka JK]

In this video, members change, but just as before,

You will dance Junjo Fighter! (^ ^ ♪

Cardigan is the strongest combination for uniform!




Raise your legs more properly! It is!

Although it is a middle kick that seems to be good, considering that it is a uniform skirt,

This may be better in real life!

Moreover, something seems to protrude from the bottom of Burma. (* ‘▽ `*)




Is this girl wearing this visual and T back too?




This girl is pretty and very cute. (^ ^)




【KYUT @ LOID】 Happy Synthesizer Did you dance [Osaka JK]



They are the same children as the second one. (^ ^)

This time the daughter who was behind seems to dance together!

Even though I’m glad I was behind you separately … haha




Chillismism! It is good ~ (^ ^)

Does the punch dig into? Is it?




I tried dancing Gudaguda all the time,

Finally showed off the black bread at last! It is! (゚ ∀ ゚)

This is black “raw panties” is not it? Is it?

It is really good! (* ‘▽ `*)




This is obstructing the cardigan from turning,

I saw the punching of the butt from the slumped legs,

This seems to be quite incomplete for this! It is! (゚ ∀ ゚)

This is over with this time! Thank you very much. (^ ^)



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