【Up skirt Yes / No】 I tried to dance uniforms but it is cute!

Hello everyone!

I slept sideways and got up in the morning, my arms were too numb,

It is Kikusu who is impatient with thinking that it has stopped moving!

This time it’s a classic “I tried dancing in uniform”! It is!

Speaking of school uniforms, high school girls, high school girls are said to be uniforms,

School girls’ high school uniforms tied up with our preconceptions.

I would like to deliver it according to its prejudice this time too! Lol



Well then, I will go to the first one!


It is good! cute! It is!

Uniform is going well with you! (^ ^)

The waist is very thin,

Two making it looks great at the best ♪

Koshi I love such a daughter! (* ‘▽ `*)

This cute daughter will be going to ☆

It is time to bliss when you see it with animation (^ ^ ♪





high! It is white! It is! It is already the best! (^ ^ ♪

From now on behind! It is!




(· ∀ ·) good !!

The style is also good and the white panchiru suits you well! (^ ^)

In addition to this I will do many things ☆

【Drops. 】 Sadistic Love I tried to dance with sudden burst 【Ashi】


came! It is Ashi-chan! It is!

The daughter on the right is also cute, but Ashi-

It is pretty cute so I guess it will be hazy ★

But uniforms are going well with you! (^ ^ ♪




Unfortunately this time it was without a pan. . .

“You are not introducing a fucking video!” Is it?

Thank you. M (__) m

Ultra cute one after all ,,,

Let’s take care and go to the next video! (^ ^)

Happy synthesizer dancing test


Following is the video here!

“Cute” girls will try to dance in school-designated uniforms! (^ ^)

I’m taking pictures with a moderate low angle

Is the camera on the ground?

It is a very good heart! Lol

The animation is sober and the time goes by without anything,



Kita ━━━━ (゚ ∀ ゚) ━━━━ !!


It was done at the last end! It is!

What a white cotton bread! (^ ^)

Although it was a boring movie until halfway,

I decided to fixate the classic panchira scene of this song firmly! Lol

Worshiping rare panties is also satisfying. (^ ^ ♪

By the way, the title of this video

I tried dancing, a test

Although it is, I do not know what happened to the actual number. Lol

Let’s go on next ♪


【Playfully】 Heart catch ☆ Paradise


The hat is like a condom. Lol

It seems that she danced and danced,

Whichever is better as it is here! Lol

And, as for the essential panchira scene,




Ah ~ if I could, the left girl was better, but …

However, as Godzuri and raw bread worshiped more than I thought,

Shall be good? Lol

The next video is the same children. (^ ^)

[Playfully] I could not listen to you again


After all it is a black tights good uniform … (^ ^ ♪

It is really cute. (* ‘▽ `*)

I want to rub against black tights! Lol

Well, the person who is the most important is … ,,




Oh it’s you again,,,

Although it became it,

Oh! This is moderate, (゚ д ゚) Gokuri …

Surely this is cotton bread! It is!

After all the front panchira is good! (* ‘▽ `*)

How about the favorite black tights daughter?




It is regrettable! It is!

It was about another step! It is! (> _ <)

While I was saying something, I had a great pleasure! Lol

Ah I wonder if that black tie is removed and given to me! Lol


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Then, this time it is over here! let’s meet again! (^ ^)



If you have any questions or requests please feel free to comment below ☆

Please do not hesitate to comment for other irresponsible things (^ ^)

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