Uniform uniform Junior high school students tried dancing and they are fascinated with spats, black tights and bloomers. !

Hello everyone! It is a manager ‘s “Kisuke”!


Actually I recently revived a game!


While thinking that there is not much time and it is not good,

I lost the desire to do it again. Lol


Although you may know many people,

DMM’s browser game is a thousand year war Aegis.


I had never been addicted to Soshage and browser games,

For this game only I started doing like an idiotic when I just started.


As long as you play for a long time,

I decide to decide it only once a day. Lol


It is a so-called tower defense game,

For those who are affectionate with dot painting like me, they may become gods (^ ^ ♪


Because it is a free game, those who are interested and have time may be addicted to playing.

Those who do not have much time may not be able to do whatever is not safe … lol


If you are interested, please see it from here. (You can play either smartphone or PC)


If you are going to start from now on, the beginning of the game “Black Ticket”

I can get a ticket that can be exchanged only once with the character of the highest rare of black,

Please just say that it is better to think carefully after advancing the game to some extent without using it immediately!


By the way I was playing well before and so it is currently 187 ranked!

Because social elements are zero, rank of others is not related. (^ ^)


The story with no relation has become long,

Let’s go to the video introducing this time! !




【First Combination】 I tried to dance a mummy function 【U-TAN & Fumi caramel】

I want to pay attention this time “Fumi caramel” wearing purple sailor suit.


I have never mentioned this video of my daughter before!

It is not a beautiful girl or anything cute so far but I like something. (^ ^ ♪


It is similar to “Kyun.com”!

Perhaps this feeling is a type. Lol


Let’s take a look at this video with a good black tights on long legs!




As described in the description of the animation “Fumi caramel, smile! Smile !!”

The place which does not make facial expression is also cute! Lol


And as I finished dancing I still have half the remaining time left,

If you look at what is there, you will see a dark screen on the dark screen

Just being flowing only …. What is this (; ‘∀ `)




【Upton & Fumi Caramel】 Welcome to St. Border Knee High School ☆

The same daughter tried dancing for the second one too! !


It seems like a settlingly narrow classroom and the uniform of cosplay outrage,

Impressive titles are combined and it seems only to be honest AOO TOVIDE …


Even if I examine it it really feels like I will sell it. Lol



Great! ! It’s nice turn & bloomers! ! (゚ ∀ ゚)

“Teaching the teacher kindly ♪” is also too good lyrics! Lol









It was a wonderful movie! !

There was a similar merit with Mana ‘s Calc. !


By the way, the lyrics of No. 2,

“Scold the teacher severely ♪” was!


I really want to get a job at St. Border Knee High School! Lol


Thank you very much! !



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