Observe the up skirt you tried dancing Uniform JK! Part 2

Up skirt Hello everyone I love!


Recently the quality of sleep is bad or something a little dull managers’ “Kisuke”!

This time I would like to introduce videos that had previously received comments!


Well then! !



【Mujika × Rurita】 Nori FirstKiss! I tried dancing

Everyone love uniform JK 2 people danced!


In the comment field there is “Is the place of shooting Hokkaido?”,

The building surely looks like Hokkaido if it is told. Lol


By the way “Mujika” seems to mean music in Latin.

I do not care … Hi. (; ‘∀ `)


It seems full of motivation to fix clothes until just before the song starts! Lol

And it’s a splendid panick with a quick turn! (゚ ∀ ゚)


I’m sorry! !

I’m digging in the choot … (; ‘∀ `)


Mouton boots are a bit unusual for uniforms. .


And punching tightly on the second turn! !

At 2-2 out of 2 turns the panchira rate is 100%! Lol


I’m pretty cluttered out, but,

I like the direction of how it looks like the last image just above. (^ ^)




【UB】 Heart Beats 【Nappu】

It is a movie of school girls’ dancing after dancing! !


By the way, have not you seen something on the left? What?

That’s right LEGEND PANCHILLA Movie ‘s “Potato” and “UB” are half breaking!

However, the potatoes were better if possible,

That can not be helped. . . Lol


These two videos are introduced on the first page to mark this blog.


Early this turnover is so! !

Even though you are wearing black bread, you should also call fluke as a legend! What?






This skirt gets messed up but is there something also a gimmick? Lol


I’m overturned and I can see the neighborhood of Heso! (゚ ∀ ゚)


The part where the color around the thighs of the pantyhoe is dark,

I do not know what it is for but I really like it!


This is over with this time. Thank you very much! (^ ^)



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