A woman Youtuber is a video of a girls high school uniform dabo dubbo cardigan dancing.

It is a video introduction that “sera” chan danced from “Sera channel”.

She is not a dancer but a feeling like YouTube,

I posted various kinds of videos.

Every movie has quite a high quality and the number of playbacks is quite good.

Ueshi y … no it is nothing.

Regardless of the former lawmaker ‘s thing, I will dance with this mini skirt uniform in this movie.

Is it because the body is small because the cardigan is too oversized?

There seems to be an opinion that it is cute, but I feel honest a little disturbing.


【sera】I asked for a uniform I tried dancing

0:18 0:48 1:37 1:43 2:13

The picture quality is good and the response seems to be superior as well, and the number of times of reproduction has also increased!

And the mystery makes a lot of comments on pigeons w

I’d love to have a video that I tried dancing again.


ブルマ ブルチラ 黒パン 制服 JC

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