One Pie knee high cute little sister watched Happy Happy Birthday Dancing

This is an introduction of the video I tried to dance “Happy Happy Birthday” of “white pa”.

“Shiopia” It seems to read properly,

It is a naming that expects something somehow.

This child continues to post videos that I have been dancing since the beginning of 2011

I am a long-time dancer, but unfortunately I have stopped posting now.

Many bored kids, it is quite persistent to keep posting for three and a half (^ ^)

Moreover, it is becoming pretty every time years are over (^ ^)


White p a “Happy Happy Birthday” I tried dancing.

0:57 2:06

It is good to have many places to jump with Pyon Pyeong to choreography!

It seems that it is actually made of soft material though it is clothing of a material that seems to be firmly seemingly.

Deep red knee high also matches the atmosphere (* ‘▽ `*)

It was a good dancing movie (^ ^)

20歳 お姉さん ブルマ ブルチラ 黒パン 美少女 

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