Although it is outside, trying to dance with an indoor shirt is unexpected happening. . .

Up skirt Hello love you!

As the proverb that beautiful people get tired of being in the 3rd, those who came out with Bush rather than beautiful people

It is Kikusuke of the manager who has a tendency to last long. (^ ^)

It is a story that has nothing to do with dancing,

I think that the AKB general election is known to everyone,

Who can watch it broadcast on such TV? (Sorry if you are a fan)

Although I thought, Torumiru (probably the number of recording and viewing) on ​​the screen of Torune

When I looked at it, it was number 1 in rank in that time!

With surprises that everyone is watching so much,

I really wonder what you are interested in

I was told again. (; ‘∀ `)

One person who tried to dance The way of viewing and feeling by a person,

I thought that it would be totally different.

By looking at the movie from another angle again,

If you feel even more erotic you will definitely make a lot of mistakes! Lol

I said a great thing anyway,

I think that I want to go to the main edition at last! It is!


【TELPON】 Sweetie × 2 I could not dance 【Erodo × Kuopon】 <Gudang>



The video of this time is two people of “TELPON”!

I think that I have introduced it several times before,

The daughter on the left is really pretty! It is! (* ‘▽ `*)



Uniform-like style costumes also look good on you.

And somehow wearing feet is outside! (゚ Д ゚;)




The thin face is very cute, is not it! It is!

It’s a little cuteness Koza chan ♪ ♪



Recently love soft eroticism has become severe,

Even scooped calves fall within the scope of “Chilla”

I have come in. Lol

I feel like a calf chilla.

Apparently it seems quite serious. Lol

But I’m calving in shape ♪ ♪




Unfortunately both of them were bloomers under the skirts.

Unfortunately while being blissfully happy,

If anything it is a reward. Lol

This, I turned the skirt off myself when I turned the arm

There are quite a few videos!

Because it is very difficult to look at two human beings at the same time,

Although dancing does not make you feel like it,

This fact that “I am turning by myself” is very good, is not it? (^ ^ ♪

Patterns not noticed like this girl are nice,

It is also good to notice and care about the skirt! It is!

The point is not to be intentioned! That means ♪

This point can be said to be the greatest merit of the dancing movie?

This time I got a lot of commitments, but I will end it around here ♪

thank you for your attention! (^ ^)


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