It is a movie that you can enjoy a powerful dash & high kick with a minor idol in the front row of the hall

Hello! It is a manager ‘s Kisuke!


This time I would like to introduce a movie of SPL ∞ ASH I personally love.

Well then! !

【ASH 2017 Spring Act】 TSUBASA – SPL∞ASH

Is it an event of “Actor School” in Hiroshima called “ASH”?


Because it is somewhat similar to the name “SPL∞ASH”

It is confusing to make a mistake when searching for a movie. (; ‘∀ `)


This video is my favorite and it’s particularly good for high-kick scenes ♪

Let’s look at the main scene of the high kick in the main (^ ^)











After dashing from the back row and gaining momentum

High kick & quick turn was very good (^ ^ ♪


Even though it is quite wide,

It is a shooting from the super boss on the front row (゚ Д ゚;)


Thanks to you I was able to enjoy with the powerful images!

Thank you very much for the person who uploads it to the photographer ♪ ♪


This is already quite a previous movie,

Recently SPL∞ASH good video does not come out


Please tell me if there are people saying “There is good”. .


This is over with this one this time, thank you very much! (^ ^)

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