【SPL∞ASH】 Minor idols are too cute!

Hello, my name is Kisuke.

This time, it is an introduction of minor idol videos!

Minor idols are something!

There is sense that I am not accustomed to major idol,

If you like videos like dancing from ordinary AV,

Is not there something you feel? Is it?



This time we introduce “SPL∞ASH”!


When I say minor idols,

Why are these girls established as idols?

There are many children, but this group has many cute daughters,

A few of them are totally cute! It is! Lol

However, it is not bad, as it will be the subjectivity of Kikusu. (> _ <)

Image quality is also a masterpiece 4K quality! It is! It is!



Koshi is a very type of these two people! (* ‘▽ `*)


cute! It is!

I do not collect! (^ ^)

Moreover, this group is the inner under the skirt,

It is very erotic! It is!

Why are you putting such erotic attachments?

It is very erotic that it makes me wonder! It is!




Behold! Shine this white spats! It is!

I am worried whether it will be transparent as it is thin. (^ ^)

Koshi helped me a lot in this scene! (^ ^ ♪




Take a knee with Skisque skirt,

It is a position that seems to do something good (* ‘▽ `*)

Imagination and my son swells ♪





Also the hip line is pretty clean! It is! It is!

The child of Show bread also has eroticism on a fine scale ♪ ♪

eh? You do not have the sheer degree? Is it?

Let’s prepare more transparent videos! (^ ^)







It got very cloudy on the way,

It will be quite dark, but we will pick up the weather the second half.

After all, “through” and “cloudy” seem to be in good relationships! (^ ^)

If you are familiar with cameras,

It may be said that “Naturally!” Is not it? (^ ^)




It is already squasque! It is! (゚ Д ゚;)

It is really horny to see the buttocks coming out of Hami (゚ д ゚) Gokuri …




By the way, this erotic sports duty in this day is this girl.

Also pretty daughter is wearing it! It is!

Is it such a strategy? Is it? Lol

For anything, it is good for Koshi! It is! (* ‘▽ `*)

Skirt is also a soft material that is fluent,

It is very wonderful that she is a little transparent ♪ ♪

Because there are many new discoveries,

Please try to watch it over time by all means (^ ^ ♪

Well then it is over! Have a nice day! (^ ^)


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