【Girls High School uniform】 I started dancing watermark.

Hello, everybody who love Soft erotic! It is Kisuke of the manager. (^ ^)


People who bought a real doll such as Orient Industry,

What will happen when you dispose of it?


It is too big to just throw it away,

It is too terrifying to cut it … (゚ Д ゚;)


Tension before buying and subsequent tension

There seems to be a strong difference! Lol


Aside from such a good story,

The rainy season also deepens and this time around this summer

I will introduce you to see the watermarks danced!


Well then!


Seriously with Maji Love 1000% I tried dancing [Mayopan]


The first video is “Momochan” chan, a female high school student.


A uniform polo shirt on a uniform skirt,

I’m trying to dance in summer orthodox style!


Polo shirts are nice ~ ♪

Personally I love it!


Because texture also differs from normal shirts,

You can also do different ways of enjoying it. (^ ^ ♪



A pattern inside appears like that! (゚ ∀ ゚)


In fact once you do it once,

It is a type that will be “Oh no more good (laugh)”,

It is good for seeing by dancing. (^ ^ ♪


I am enjoying more than real in such a meaning! (* ‘▽ `*)



This is surely soft cotton type bra!

Well the best! (゚ ∀ ゚)




Capricorn Princess I tried to dance _ Manami


The second one is Madami, a wondrous girl.


This girl is quite strange.

What on earth is this clothing? Lol


But there is no doubt about a beautiful girl!

Although it seems to get frustrated when talking,

I tried dancing but that does not matter! Lol


It dances offlessly in a narrow room of dimly bunk beds!



Although the degree of transparency is lower than that of the first one, you can check the shape quite well. (^ ^)



I’m cute looking why the woman’s daughter who is sleeping! (* ‘▽ `*)



Pull out my chest and appeal ☆


This is over with this time. Thank you very much. (^ ^)


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