Invisible, shaped purple dots kee dancing special feature!

Hello, everyone is a cheerful assistant.

Why did you dance with this wearing this time! Is it?

It seems to want to say, it is a perusal or a terroro

I will introduce the girls who danced in an erotic costume (^ ^ ♪

Let’s go ahead! It is!



It is the first one.


It is a two-person group “あしゃ × いろむ”.

I think that some of you may have noticed,

These two girls who got their boobs shook before they danced! of,

They are the girls who introduced us with the 3rd! (^ ^)

The atmosphere changes depending on the costume ☆

It is the right girl who is wearing pants of beige to close up this time!



Already, it’s really scalable! (^ ^)

Because the article is thin, it sticks perfectly to the erotic lower body,

If you stare at ease, you will not seem to have anything to wear! (* ‘▽ `*)



Clear shape! It is!

This is not something you have accumulated! It is! Lol


I will go to the second one! It is!

It is “てらしん.”

Unfortunately this girl is not cute enough,

It is no less than a fluffy dress that the lower body is not wearing anything anymore! Lol

I’m pretty nice to see ☆

My son is becoming better with such a boob ○! (^ ^)



how is it? Hilarious looking haha

Why do you choose this kind of clothes? Lol


The third one is also pretty good! It is! It is!


It is “ぱぴこ”. Is the cute.

Is not this girl pretty well there are types as well?

It’s small and delicious! (* ‘▽ `*)

It is a place where I want a sense of volume a little more gladly.

Another one is perfect for a good feeling (^ ^ ♪



Oh, this is the best ~ (* ‘▽ `*)

Because the wind blows from the middle,

One piece is perfectly stuck on a thin body! (* ‘▽ `*)

A line of girls’ delicate body will be full of ♪ ♪

This is over. let’s meet again! (^ ^)



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