Hokuriku minor idols boobs are shaking too much!

Hi everyone who love soft erotic!


It’s too hot and it is already a cheer of a manager who has already become a heat stroke.


This time, the local idol of Hokuriku “JUMPIN” × SUZUCA ”

I would like to introduce a video!


Well then! It is!



JUMPIN”×SUZUCA 3・2・ワンダフォー!! 「 おらが故郷お国自慢 ~珠洲市~」のと里山空港2階 ロビー2017 3 26


And Satoyama Airport is Ishikawa Prefecture!


Do people live together doing live at such a place

It is quite doubtful, is it done as part of the town’s death?


What I want to pay attention to this time is the middle daughter of the three who wore the white costume in the middle.


The material of this white outfit looks like a thin fluke and it is really nice!


This girl who seemed to be clever seemed to have a particularly good one,

I’m always pulling and shaking! It is! (* ‘▽ `*)


Perhaps it is not attached.


Other easy-to-recognize videos are listed below!





JUMPIN”×SUZUCA マーガレット 「 おらが故郷お国自慢 ~珠洲市~」のと里山空港2階 ロビー2017 3 26


【GH-5 4K60P】JUMPIN”×SUZUCA 「 おらが故郷お国自慢 ~珠洲市~」のと里山空港2階 ロビー2017 3 26

The third one is wearing a squid like poncho, but,

As soon as the first song finishes it will strip off. (^ ^ ♪


Directing is also wonderful! It is! Lol


While the movie is playing, the screen brightens or becomes dark due to light adjustment,

When it gets dark it is 4K so it’s pretty easy to see ♪


And, sorry, the girls in white costumes

It seems that activity has already ended. (> _ <)


However, it was nice to leave a good movie at the end (^ ^)


Thank you very much. (^ ^)




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