[Pcolle] Movie work review [Munition 32]

Hello, it is Kisuke of management people.


This time it was a work unknown to me,

It will be a review of the top two works of “Munakata 32”.

Let’s start with the first one!


Really cute little dress upside down and squatting


A neat and cute model,

It is something that you can enjoy Pochi and upside down and squatting!

I’m looking forward to it (^ ^ ♪


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“Japanese title” 超絶可愛いワンピちゃんの逆さとしゃがみ


It is a good feeling, is not it! It is! I am looking forward to it! (^ ^ ♪

Download and play videos · · ·

The thing that looked like a slim leg stretched legs! It is!

Immediately afterwards a face appears ,,, surely a transcendent beauty! (* ‘▽ `*)

This is going to increase tension! It is! It is!

Then, we moved to the squatting scene which was also in the title.


Are not you wearing it repeatedly? Is it?

Finally the inverted scene will enter about 10 seconds,

This, again! (; ‘∀ `)

I’m laying back black bread! It is!

In the image I do not understand,

It’s caught on a little.

I have only a few pimples. . .

If I go back to Picolet and read the explanation again,

It certainly was not writing everywhere. Lol

Although it became a regrettable review for a moment,

As a work of this hand is unusual,

I was able to enjoy the chest punch thoroughly! (* ‘▽ `*)

There was no mistake beautiful! (^ ^ ♪

So, if you want a pretty girl’s breast

Because the price is 500 yen, I think that I will not lose ♪


超絶可愛いワンピちゃんの逆さとしゃがみClick here for details




The lining of the skirt turns and it is completely see-through state! Then it gets busted again


Next, the second popular piece of Miyan 32’s popularity


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“Japanese title” スカの裏地がまくれて完全シースルー!バレてなおされる



The skirt lining turned up,

It will be a rare work that pants get through! It is!

I’m looking forward to Kisuke who likes through – sheer! It is! (^ ^ ♪

Playing videos while keeping your chest up! It is!

There! It is! Surely it is transparent! (゚ Д ゚;)

Unlike the first one this is certainly a pants!

And white! It is! (* ‘▽ `*)

The skirt lining is not all,

Only the left side is turning up! (^ ^)

It does not seem clear to that,

Kiyosu who likes through-the-sheen was able to get two rice well enough!

But hey ,,,

This model is completely disturbed by Mr. model.

Kiki! I will glare at you, but chasing many times,

I keep shooting. . .

(゚ Д ゚;) COW !!!

Although it is an image image,

I often do such a thing. . .

Enter the warning heart MAX mode with the scene where the girl is crouching! It is!

… Kiyosu was afraid and skipped the scene without thinking. Lol

It is recommended work for those who like sheer like Kisuke.

The price was 500 yen.


スカの裏地がまくれて完全シースルー!バレてなおされるClick here for details



This is over with this time.

When buying the work of Mr. 32,

I thought that I needed a little care,

It was Koshi who was alarmed like this model. (^ ^)

See you again! (* ‘▽ `*)



If you have any questions or requests please feel free to comment below ☆

Please do not hesitate to comment for other irresponsible things (^ ^)

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