I tried dancing gym clothes!

Hello everyone! It is a manager ‘s “Kisuke”!


This time, as you can see in the title video dressed in gym suit wearing

I would like to introduce you to all four.


Although gym clothes are not skirts at the time,

Gym uniforms are also something like “uniform” designated by the school (^ ^)


Well then! !




【AMU】 I came to a rice set meal dance I tried dancing 【JS gym clothes】

Because there is no original video, it is a collaboration movie with Hima!

The pink and black stripes knee high is very cute ♪


It is very disturbing that something is in your pocket! Lol






【JC】 Angkor Mikuru 【Try to dance】

The second one tried dancing with girls’ clothes of a size tight!

Her pan is somewhat half spats! !

Shirts are transparent through thinning …

If the picture quality was a little better it was quite a good movie. (^ ^)





FirstKiss! 【I tried to dance】 @ black rabbit

The third one is “Black rabbit”! Perhaps it is the happiest girl who is only watching with animation!

Twin tails are cute for gym suit clothing!




【I tried dancing】 Love circulation @ Negiroto 【Full ver _】

The last 4th is “Negiriro”! !


At first it appears as a costume like the image below,

It will change to a wonderful costume on the way! !



After 2:33, once it returns to the original costume,

What is the last time you enter the school swimsuit’s bonus time! !


It seems that I was slightly embarrassed by the drift or slightly dropped the picture quality …


The white line on the side is really pretty! (* ‘▽ `*)

It is also expensive to wear socks. (゚ ∀ ゚)


That’s it! Thank you very much! (^ ^)


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