Elementary school youtuber tried playing with blackbeard and crisis

The cute sisters of Chinese or Taiwanese are black beards Anna snow version of a dangerous match,

We introduce two of the videos playing Sugoroku.

I do not know what I’m talking about,

It’s a movie that you can unwind because you are playing with friends (^ ^ ♪

First of all, from a person with a blackbeard crisis.


Snow Po’s poke poetic sequel “Jing Jing sisters flower”

0:16 1:04 1:50 2:00 2:08

Anna snow is really incredibly popular!

I can not understand the cuteness of honesty Olaf

As a punishment game for my sister losing at the end of the video,

I’m hitting the butt that seems to have no pain at all with a rubber stick


Snake chess “Jingjing sisters flower”

2:25 2:48 3:28 3:50 4:00 5:53 6:57

And this is a video playing with Sugoroku.

I do not know what he is saying but it looks like fun

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