Up skirt video of elementary school student who tried dancing with fabric clothing like towel

Hello! It is a manager ‘s Kisuke!


In this blog it is good to introduce a little old video with various trade-offs,

Although it is many, I want to introduce a new movie once in a while.


Let’s go! !


I tried dancing [Miku Ball] 【TT】

A vast amount of dancing videos from about a year ago,

It is a video introduction of a woman’s daughter who continues to raise.


I am wearing clothing that looks soft like towel on both top and bottom (^ ^ ♪


This material feels nice in many ways. Lol

Let’s see for a moment! !

This is the scene just the beginning of the movie,

It is a nice feeling (^ ^ ♪


The stomach will also flicker! (^ ^)








It was also a very good video with a lot of sight here! (* ‘▽ `*)


This girl is a daughter who mass-produces videos that I danced unusually,

I do not care what I say but let’s watch it quietly! (Lol)


Because it has taken out other good videos,

I would like to introduce you to another opportunity (^ ^)


This is over with this time! Thank you very much! (^ ^)

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