A video for which a junior high / high school youtuber is confronting with a dance pedometer

It is a video of Youtuber “TEENAGERS”, a junior high and high school student who had introduced before.

At first I thought that it was an idol group,

Apparently I want to see a group of YouTube bars.

The animation is here! !


[Junior high and high school student] pedometer pedometer confrontation with dance ☆ Third generation JSB share hapi❤Share The Love

Pedometer and dance with “Share Happy” of 3 generations JSB that was popular a while ago,

It seems that you are confronting who is number one most.

The shirt of the first left Kana – chan is a little tight, I have a chance to watch it w

The shirt of Nene in the middle is also pretty cute (* ‘▽ `*)

This will increase the number of playback ww

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