Tekateka Harpan School girl high school dance is super erotic

Hello everyone!


When soft erotic articles are summarized, it is inevitably resistant,

Recently I got a little stimulation feeling less

It is Kisuke of a manager who is feeling a little lonely! !


It is scary to accustom human beings in various ways! (; ‘∀ `)


Let’s go introducing animation! !




Mitsugaoka High School (Dance · 5th Yosakoi Festival in Kagaigaoka Park · 2011)

This is the place of the legendary high school musical videos! !


Is it the Yosakoi festival?

I would like to go once! (^ ^ ♪


Somehow it seems that dancing does not have a fight yet,

It opens my legs and shows you the star patterned bread! (゚ ∀ ゚)


And this dance is very erotic … (* ‘▽ `*)

Although it seems to be seen that two people are twitching at close range. Lol


The daughter’s right tights on the right are really enthusiastic! (^ ^)

This girls’ dance is over in this scene.





In the latter half of the movie, the members are replaced and the Harpan of Zurtsuru Tekateka,

Girls wearing a thin material harp like Gaucho pants are appearing!


Both materials are very good! ! (* ‘▽ `*)





She showed us a wonderful dance without worrying about bread lines etc. (^ ^ ♪

The material of tekateka is very good feeling! (^ ^)


This time it will be over with this! Thank you very much! (^ ^)


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