Breast sway is too wonderful I tried collecting 3 videos I tried dancing!



I love women’s body,

Mental is the lowest administrator Kisuke!


This time “I tried gathering 3 yogurt shaking videos”

I think I will introduce a video! !


【ITSUKI】It was supposed to hate it. I tried to dance 【MANANA】

The first one is a movie of “Mana”, which can be said to be a classic no longer in this blog!

It is a post from the account of two people “Pleasure Girl”.


As usual it is pretty, it has grown up wonderfully in various ways. Lol


On the other hand, “Itsuki” has become somewhat subtle …

The face is pretty but (; ‘∀ `)


It dances in costume dressed in black and white, but it is truly amazing.

Please check with the video by all means (^ ^ ♪



【Miyabi】 I tried to dance the darling [in doubles danced]

The second one will be introduced for the first time in this blog,

It is a movie of “Miyami”, which is a series of good videos and has danced.


Originally it was about “title of 500 people” and it seems to have changed.


It smiles and energetically dances us,

I feel like not having a negative aura that can not be hidden. Lol



【Pochi · ω ·】 Cutie Panther I tried dancing

And at the end I feel even Candle in red maid cosplay,

It is a movie that “Pochi ω ·” chan took in the JC era.


Cat socks? pantyhose? It suits you and is cute (^ ^)



I’m curious about the black string that is visible from the shoulder …

And on the outside there is also a white string (゚ Д ゚;)




Besides baby tremor, it was a movie that gets flirting and worried (; ‘∀ `)


What exactly is this place?

I have security cameras and so on. .


This time I introduced three videos that I tried to dance that I am concerned about tilting.


For me it is more practical than a panchira movie, a video of a breast sway. Lol


At first, the panchira was better,

It is a feeling that it gradually shifted to the thorax group (; ‘∀ `)


So people say “I do not care about thorax”

We encourage you to watch the video. Lol


This is over with this one this time, thank you very much! (^ ^)

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