A young girl dancing with a dress in the headwind …

Hello, everybody who love Sofuero! It is Kikusuke of the manager. (^ ^)


Looking at young girls’ contents If there was a girl named older sister,

I am doing imaginary delusions that is unprecedentable recently. Lol


Well, this time the dorian of delightful darling “Tayuna”

I would like to introduce a video.


Well then!


【Tayuna】 Hello / Hawayu 【Try dancing】


The grass is not maintained at all in Bo Bo,

I’m trying to dance like a park.



I dance with one piece like a stretched shirt!

It seems to be very troublesome to keep this clothes button. Lol


Before dancing I was windless but when I danced out,

Immediately a headwind began to blow ,,,


Perpeller one piece will stick to your body!






To keep the infant system clearly clear,

It seems like a pretty good wind is blowing! (゚ ∀ ゚)




Although something does not turn up,

Is not it good to say just Kamikaze? (^ ^ ♪


It is a video like a faint kind that tastes come out enough to chew ♪


Thank you very much. (^ ^)


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