【Gcolle】 Introduction of Recommended Recommended Videos 【Warawara】

Hello, it is Kisuke of management people.

This time, many works have been exhibited to Gecore,

I will introduce the video of “Warawara”!



【Full HD】 shoes camera you go Part 197 【private clothes middle school student? Hand-made turning knitting upskirt】


This is also a wonderful work. (^ ^ ♪


“Japanese title” 【フルHD】靴カメ君が行くPart197【私服JC?手撮りめくり編】


usually? There are many works that only take a model,

This guy turns over the skirt! (゚ Д ゚;)

I will do this often. . .

I’m sure you are shooting too much and my sensation is getting warmed up,

There is nothing to lose! It is state! It is! (゚ Д ゚;)

Okawa (; ‘∀ `)

The model of this video is a JC-style girl.

This birthday daughter,

I persistently chase the camera,

I will turn it! It is! (^ ^)


【フルHD】靴カメ君が行くPart197【私服JC?手撮りめくり編】Click here for details


Truly a nice picture is coming out! (^ ^ ♪

Again, JC and stockings,

It is a situation of Kishido strike! It is! Lol

It is not only 1 degree turn of the straw sandwich,

It will be repeated over and over! It is! (゚ Д ゚;)



This girl is a very insensitive child, whether taken from below,

Whether you can turn up your skirt many times, your warning heart remains zero.

Because it is so dull, at the end you can see it even from the side,

I was turned over! It is! (* ‘▽ `*)

Ah, I said a lot, but it is finally the best ~

Something sweet. . . LOL LOL

As this work is a motif of Mr. Warabi,

The price was “1,200 yen”.


【フルHD】靴カメ君が行くPart197【私服JC?手撮りめくり編】Click here for details



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