【Gcolle】 Kisuke Recommendation Video Introduction 【HD】 Shoes Camera You Go Part126 【Hand Shoot Turning Holded Item】

Hello everyone, it is the administrator ‘s help!

In the Kiyosuke recommended movie introduction series, at the personal video sale site of mixed cobblestones,

(All images are images, but there are many things that clearly exclude Yarase.

We will introduce carefully selected Kiyosu recommended works! (^ ^)

This time we introduce strolls,


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“Japanese title”  【HD】靴カメ君が行くPart126【手撮りめくりあり編】


In the model with four people except JK style,

For those who like to wear stockings and like Kisuke,

It is a work of drooling. (^ ^)



Four of them are appearing,

What a blunt skirt of everyone! It is! (゚ Д ゚;)

As usual I will do well this guy …

Since there are few chot product images this time,

Capture from video. (^ ^)


1st person


Second person


Third person


4th person


Of course all of them are full-blown! Lol

Everyone is pretty lovely JK style! Although it may become,

Kiyosu’s favorite is the third black tights older sister! (^ ^ ♪

At first glance I feel that the guard is hard with a feeling of bad character,

Even if you turn the skirt over by Mr. Warabi, it is totally unresponsive! Lol

The insensitive older sister is turned to me by straw sandals,

I will be toys! (* ‘▽ `*)



I’m turning around as much as I can stand even though I am standing normally! Lol

I’m wearing erotic!

I’d like to shift my underwear as it is and push it from behind! It is! (# ^^ #)

It’s too much erotic! It is! (* ‘▽ `*)

Koshi helped in this scene considerably! Lol

The image is blurred but in the movie it is full view! (^ ^)

Black tights are an irresistible dish! (^ ^ ♪

This work was sold for 900 yen.


【HD】靴カメ君が行くPart126【手撮りめくりあり編】Click here for details



So, have a good video life! It is! Goodbye! (^ ^)




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