Videos of the girls who turned on vigorously with the sense of security of the black tights and crouched down to Youtube and crouched to defenseless!

Hello! It is a manager ‘s Kisuke!


This time I would like to introduce three videos I tried dancing with black tights.


Let’s go soon! !


【Sailing Summer】 Koimori Forecast Trying to dance 【Dokidokino ω ノ】

The first one is a sister with a fluffy atmosphere.


This place where she is dancing I have seen other videos even when I danced.

Is it a famous place? .


And the black tights crouching scene is here!



From the sense of security wearing black tights crouched facing straight ahead! (^ ^ ♪


I wish I could face a little diagonally …

I will think. Lol


【Ponyo (ó㉨ò)】 Girls tried dancing !!

The second one tried dancing the black tights girls here.


Although it is a residential area, it is rare and I am dancing in a pretty wide park.

Because it dances with a smile so cute (^ ^ ♪




Well a good choreography … (* ‘▽ `*)

Whether it is visible or not visible is slightly subtle (; ‘∀ `)


By the way what is “Welch neighborhood”?



By the way, also the movie introduced first in this article,

It is a movie of “Welch neighborhood” channel.

【AMU + younger brother】 I tried dancing ski killai 【I’m 14 years old】

The third one is a video of a famous “AMU” chan!


The number of views is about 600,000 times soon! !

Amazing times I danced! (゚ Д ゚;)


Is it Japan Alps that is behind you? What?

I feel like a remote city on the side of the Sea of Japan (^ ^)



Such a close brother and sister like this is unusual for this era!


AMU is the one who is panicking with the movie of the early one

Although it was there, it seems that it was already deleted · · ·.


This is over with this time! Thank you very much! (^ ^)

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