The other videos of the famous twin girls’ high school girls were also good

Hello everyone! It is a manager ‘s “Kisuke”!


This time it is a video introduction that the famous dancer danced!

Let’s go! !




【Potato】 Rukaruka ★ Night Fever danced [UB]

The videos already introduced on this blog are famous,

There are lots of other good videos! (* ‘▽ `*)


Let’s see now ♪





No, ~ “potato” is cute whenever you see it (^ ^ ♪

If I thought that it was black bread at first, this size would be raw bread! (^ ^)


However, girls’ comments on moving pictures are terrible. Lol

I guess there is something that feels something between girls. Lol




【Potato】 Lily Lily with Uniform ★ Burning Night I tried dancing 【UB】

Desks and chairs are in a state of cleaning,

If it is done by themselves, it seems to be difficult. (゚ Д ゚;)


There is a cuteness that a potato will become a habit like Fujita Nicole. (^ ^)

Even cotton pink inner is no longer cute! Lol




Unfortunately this time I was wearing black bread. . .

Still though I think that it is a quite useful movie if the picture quality is good (; ‘∀ `)


Moreover, when becoming a high kick scene,

Hakuba came out and it all got stuck (- _ – M)

I hate it, this guy. . . Lol



【Two girls high school students】 Suite Magic I tried dancing

The third one tried sweet magic dancing.

The picture quality is slightly better than the above two.


This time you will definitely see black raw bread! !

The butt is pudding and it is wonderful! (゚ ∀ ゚)



Every video has amazing playback! Lol


Not all of them are raw breads, there are days of overlapping,

There are days of black pants that are hard to see,

Even if I see it, it feels good to feel good or extensive. (^ ^ ♪


· · · · · · Can be used. Lol


that’s all! let’s meet again! (^ ^)


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